6 Signs Of An Underground Oil Tank Leak

6 Signs Of An Underground Oil Tank Leak

If you have an underground heating oil tank, you are probably concerned about oil tank leaks. Oil tank leaks are concerning because they could be hazardous to people, animals, property, and the environment. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for absolute certain if you have a leak without digging up your oil tank and inspecting it. However, there are certain signs that indicate that a leak is possible, and if these signs are present, it is worth calling A.L.L. Environmental for our tank services. We can unearth your tank and determine whether or not there is a leak. Give us a call if you see any of the following signs.

Your Tank Is More Than Ten Years Old.

If your tank is more than ten to fifteen years old, there is a good chance that it has developed small pinholes, which often turn into leaks. Many underground oil tanks are composed of bare steel, and unfortunately, this material is susceptible to corrosion, so it is common for these tanks to wear away over time. If you have an older tank, be aware that it may have leaks.

Your Heating Bill Is Through The Roof.

If you find that your heating costs have gotten very expensive and there is no other explanation for it, it could be due to an oil tank leak. It is important to first consider all other options before assuming it is a tank leak. There is a good chance it could be due to other issues, such as your home becoming less energy efficient for some reason. However, if you rule out all other possibilities, or there are other signs of an oil leak, it is worth hiring A.L.L. Environmental for our tank services.

You Find An Oil Sheen In Your Water.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that your leak has been occurring for some time, or is unusually large. If the groundwater appears to have a sheen, or if you take a water sample from your sump pump and find an oil sheen, it is highly likely that you have an underground oil tank leak. If you discover this, call A.L.L. Environmental ASAP.

It Smells Like Oil In Your Home Or Around Your Property.

If you notice a pronounced smell of oil in your home or around your property, it is a good indication that you have an underground oil tank leak. If you notice this smell, it is of the utmost importance that you address the leak as soon as possible, because if it continues, it could affect the health and well-being of you and your family.

There Are Dead Plants Above Your Oil Tank.

A good indication of an oil tank leak is if the vegetation over your oil tank is dying. If you find that the vegetation is your yard is specifically dying over the area where your oil tank is, you probably have an oil leak.

There Are Stained Spots On Your Property.

When you have an underground oil tank leak, you might start finding stain spots around your property. These will likely be dark brown and smell like oil, and seem to appear out of nowhere. This indicates that oil is leaking from your underground tank, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible by our professional excavating contractors at A.L.L. Environmental.

When you need tank services in Scotch Plains, NJ, A.L.L. Environmental can help. If you suspect your underground oil tank is leaking, we can help by removing and/or replacing your tank. Contact us today to learn more!

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